Wednesday, July 22, 2009


When couples try to save money the first thing out the window is the regular entertainment you enjoyed together, you know, dinner and a movie, an evening at the bar with friends... what if I told you there was a way you could keep the romance without spending anything? That's right! Zero dollar dating. Heck, you can be single and do this too!

Everyone enjoys a good laugh. Take your honey (or soon to be honey) to a comedy club. Yes, I know that costs $18 at the door and then you have to buy at least $50 worth of stuff inside. That only applies if you want to limit yourself to one or two warm-up acts and then one really long head-liner.

Check out your local clubs and look for the open-mic night. Although they are held on a weeknight you don't have to pay admission, you are not forced to buy food or drinks, and you get to see a bunch of up and coming comedians do their best to make you laugh. When you go out on a weeknight, you are less inclined to spend your hard earned cash on alcohol and the kitchen will probably not be open to tempt you with an overpriced appetizer. Best yet, if one of the comedians dosent sit right with you, you can see another in under 5 minutes.

You might have to spend a few dollars on gasoline as you find the variety of clubs offering open-mic night through out the city on different days of the week. With the opening of the new movie Funny People, this type of entertainment may not stay
free for long!

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