Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Find someone to keep you honest

One of my favorite things about Suze is that she is on every weekend. Watching her show week after week keeps my goals upfront and top of mind. It also means that I have a date every weekend; not with Suze, but with my sister.

Although she lives over 900 miles away from me, her family and mine watch The Suze Orman Show together. We text comments to each other about the "can I afford it" section and say things like "I told you!"
Even our 9 and 11 year old children text each other during and about the show. ...we also got very excited when each of received a "tweet" from Suze...hers said "thank you."

What;s best about my sister and I watching Suze's show each week is that we have someone to talk openly with about money. Suze says to grab your special someone and have a money talk, but she might not understand the effect she's had on my sister and me.

Somehow we grew up thinking that we shouldn't talk about money out loud with people. We kept quiet as we buried ourselves in debt, often because we feared not showing enough affection toward others if we didn't buy them gifts with money we didn't earn yet.

Now that we watch the show together, my sister and I talk honestly about our goals, we confess our sins of occasional overspending, and share the excitement of all the ways we've saved money. We openly discuss what we earn, how we spend it, and where we put it.

We hold each other accountable by saying "I'm telling Suze on you" or celebrate each other's triumps of repaid debt and money saved. If you don't have a sister like this, you should get one.