Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Have Health Insurance Again! (for now)

My partner's company allows domestic partners to added to the insurance.  I now have some benefits!  The problem is we won't have them for long because she is also going to go out on her own.  She has some lingering debt so she is not quite ready yet.  I'll make some doctor's appointments so we can stay healthy in the mean-time!

I have been working more than one small business.  I invested in a teeth whitening business.  I am also selling insurance.  I have been licensed in my state for over a year, but I've only sold one policy in the past year.  I am pushing myself to make 40 phone calls every day and that should get me 4 quotes: I only started this new policy last week.  It's amazing how distracted I can get!

I blog all about my pursuit to find out what I was going to do when I grow up here.  I'm writing a lot more now, and I even got paid for some of the articles I've written!  That means I'm now a professional writer too!